We help doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars from all disciplines explore and gain skills for their future careers through flexible, experience-based, empowering opportunities. Participants develop their transferrable skills while learning about a variety of careers, including those in industry, non-profits, government, communication, policy, consulting, regulatory affairs, and more. Participants have reported more confidence in their career decision, improved relevant skills needed for a successful career, deeper connections with professionals, increased awareness of their disciplinary career options, and better preparation for several career pathways.

Through small group and individual consultations, exposure to career possibilities through panel discussions, and immersive activities to test drive particular pathways, we will help guide you in your career decision-making process and experiential skill building.

Our activities aim to engage you wherever you are in the job search process, from exploring potential paths to experiencing possible careers.


Participants in Careers Beyond Academia

Many Ph.D. students enter their fields based on interest, but are uncertain about how to translate this interest into a career. Many see academia as the only path forward and become frustrated when it does not feel like a good fit for them or when that path seems closed. We help participants learn about the wide variety of careers including, but not limited to, industry, non-profits, government, communication, policy, consulting, and other sectors where Ph.D. skills and intellectual curiosity are an asset. After exploring career paths in more depth, the decision to pursue an academic career may be galvanized. Regardless of whether participants choose academia or beyond, it will be a more informed decision and they will have gained additional skills along the way that can help in any career.

Next Steps

Opportunities facilitated through Careers Beyond Academia allow doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars and research masters students to obtain real experience in a chosen career path. It might be to learn the “lingo” of the field to ultimately better communicate with others, or it might be a more in-depth experience. This could include immersive experiences in industry, non-profits or startup companies, or through projects involving writing, policy/advocacy, etc. The goal is to help participants find the connections and experience needed to be sure this is the career path they would like to pursue, as well as expertise that would increase the chances of obtaining a job in that field.

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