Analyze Your Options

You think you want to pursue a career outside of a tenure track position. But how do you decide which options are going to be fulfilling for you? You’ve attended some career panels and professional development workshops, you might have researched some options that you found interesting, you’ve been thinking about some of your strengths. But there are so many career paths that you could  do, it’s hard to decide.

We developed the Careers Beyond Academia Career Research Lib Guide in concert with Cornell Libraries to help you to analyze your options. Whether you are interested in non-profits, think tanks, national labs, or want to find out more about consulting or policy related careers, there is a tab for you to learn more. This resource will help you to research the companies and organizations aligned with your interests and skills, that are doing the kind of work you want to do. Moreover, we encourage you to connect directly with the many mentors listed there who have gone down the various career paths so you can find your best fit.

Feel; free to contact us via email to have a more personal conversation about your career and professional development needs.