2024–25 Civic Science Fellows Positions Open for Applications

Envisioned as a Civic Science Lab, Fellows and partners carry out pioneering work to co-create pilots, partnerships, knowledge, models, and new ways of working that can help seed collaborations between science and society. All Fellows engage as a cohort in a learning program and community, developed in collaboration with the network and an interdisciplinary committee of advisors. Application deadlines vary but are mostly in January, so click on the links to learn more and apply soon!

Visit the Civic Science Fellows website to view 2024-25 opportunities at a wide variety of settings including:

Science Communication Lab to better picture the use of science filmmaking and audience engagement (work with educators, filmmakers and scientists)
Climate Central to bridge climate science and coastal communities (work with city planners, community leaders and climate justice groups)
Open Environmental Data Project to link open data and environmental data governance (work with with OEDP team members)
The Advanced Science Research Center to research, analyze and expand the work of the civic science IlluminationSpace Hub (work with CUNY STEM, NYC communities)
The Franklin Institute to design, plan and implement professional learning experiences for climate and environmental science ed (work with teachers, community leaders)
Ciencia Puerto Rico to understand how to build inclusive civic science partnerships through tools, workshops and mentoring (work with leaders in Puerto Rico)
Princeton University Graduate School GradFUTURES to understand the impact of holistic professional development opportunities (work with Grad School Team partners)
Association of Science and Technology Centers to catalyze and support science centers, museums and public engagement networks for planetary health action
Morgridge Institute for Research to communicate science in polarized political or information environments to create new ways of solving problems