Animal Health Hackathon

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon celebrates the use of minimal resources and maximum brain power to create outside-the-box solutions (“hacks”) in a constrained time frame. HACK + MARATHON = HACKATHON

The 2021 Virtual Cornell Animal Health Hackathon is an interdisciplinary event which brings together students from across degrees, majors, and schools at Cornell, as well as other universities! On Friday evening, teams comprised of veterinary, business, engineering, and design students, form and begin to create solutions to needs in veterinary health care. On Saturday, mentors provide feedback and guidance to teams. On Sunday, the hackathon culminates in a project showcase to an audience of peers, mentors and representatives. For the fifth year in a row, in partnership with Cornell’s Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship, we bring you the hackathon that mixes vet, business, engineering students and more.

When and how do I get involved?

The hackathon itself takes place February 19 – 21, 2021.
Students looking for a team and teams looking for additional members, these sessions are for you:
Pre-Event Team Formation will be Feb.16th at 5:30-6:30pm, 17th from 7-8pm, and 18th from 6:00-7:00pm

You may or may not have an idea, those with an idea have an opportunity to pitch it. After pitches, you will meet up in breakout rooms to meet, discuss, and talk with other students to help form a team in advance of the hackathon.  You may jump between break out rooms, visiting multiple rooms, to find the group they want to work with. You are urged to attend the first session on the 16th.  The second and third sessions are being offered just incase you don’t find a team during the first session. If you find a team the first night, you do not need to attend the other sessions.

Teams must have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 6. Participants are strongly encouraged to join the Slack as well. Links are privately shared with participants.

Sign me up now!

A maximum of 200 students will be admitted to participate. We are including as many of the features you’ve come to expect at our hackathon- networking event, IBM workshop, swag bag, food ($50 Grubhub credits), and $9,000 in prize money.

The event is made possible with support from Encore Vet Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, Idexx, Zoetis, and Nestle Purina.

Check out the event site to see the Challenges, and 60+ Speakers, Mentors, and Judges.

  • Student teams may work on their own idea or use one of the proposed challenges for inspiration
  • Students retain full ownership of any IP developed over the course of the hackathon
  • It is virtual
The organizer:

Ami Stuart ILR ‘10
Tech Events Manager
Entrepreneurship at Cornell 607.423.0609