Build skills in event and project management, experiential learning (& get $20/h)

Are you interested in creativity, innovation, and organizational behavior?  Entrepreneurship? We are looking for someone to help facilitate experiential learning opportunities for students at Cornell.

Immerse yourself in this world for one weekend to see if it’s for you!

The ideal candidate will be comfortable wearing a lot of different hats- from greeting and welcoming students, sponsors, and mentors, to guiding teams through the instructor-led design thinking workshop. Triaging questions, needs, and concerns from multiple people at once, while maintaining a positive demeanor and respectful attitude. Responsibilities also include managing a pitching session: Teams present their demos to a panel of judges who are asking questions and quantitatively scoring the teams. Event support is also needed to gather data, log teams, update the website, and compile stats on attendees.

Major bonus points if you like design and can create beautiful reports to highlight event take-a-ways, insights, stats, quotes, etc.

Person(s) are needed ASAP for an event March 11-13th
This event in on the Ithaca campus an in person, all meals are provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire time you work)
Reports and stats may not be able to be completed over the weekend, so you may take until the following week or two to complete these things.

If you enjoy working with us and want to continue working with us….we have additional events throughout the year in Ithaca NY as well as NYC, and possibly elsewhere too.  Travel & lodging is provided, as well as meals.

Events almost entirely happen on weekends. We are a fun, close knit team, we work really hard, but play harder 😄 Though events are extremely busy and can be stressful and exhausting, the intrinsic reward of supporting students, meeting amazing industry mentors, and providing service, purpose, and an amazing experience to our guests is fulfilling. You’ll also learn a lot about different companies, industries, and the kinds of roles & jobs that exist in these spaces. When it’s all said and done we’ll celebrate a bit ourselves on a job well done.

This job is not technically difficult, it requires immense amounts of EQ, social skills; putting our own needs and feelings aside so that we can attend to our guests needs and ensure they have an incredible experience. Not just good, but energizing, confidence boosting, memorable experience.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Motivated and show initiative (you see garbage on the floor you pick it up without being asked, you see someone struggling to carry a box, you offer to help)
  • Respectful and Positive (you make eye contact, smile, verbally greet people, offer assistance)
  • Arrive on time ready to work (Tech Casual dress attire -no heels, suits, ties, sweats, shorts, cut offs, etc)
  • Genuine interest in seeing others succeed and ability to celebrate their wins
  • Convey empathy and compassion
  • Embody psychological safety
  • Pleasant and cheerful (without being fake)

If you are in a position where you are not able to be paid, we will work out another arrangement to award you for your work with us.

Please reach out ASAP if you are interested so we can set up a call to discuss.

Work on March 11 between 4pm-10pm (before 4pm if possible)
March 12 between 8:30am-10:30pm
March 13 between 8:30am-5:30pm

I am happy to hire 1-3 students. Hourly compensation $20

Thank you! Send me some super folks!

Ami Stuart
Tech Events Manager
Entrepreneurship at Cornell 607.423.0609

Please copy Susi Varvayanis with your expression of interest.