Enroll in GRAD 9110 Professional Career Foundations

Practical tips to focus a job search, develop strategies to identify a meaningful career and empower you to make an impact. Through discussions, immersive activities and professional networking, participants will hone communication of their strengths and fit to employers’ needs to set themselves apart as top candidates. Enrollment preference given to peri- or post-qualifying exam doctoral students in any discipline. Invest in seven sessions for great impact on your career planning. We invite you to join this 1 cr. practicum facilitated by Executive Director of Careers Beyond Academia Susi Varvayanis.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Feel empowered to actively imagine and chart several professional paths beyond the university
  • Describe pros and cons of several career options and potential match
  • Have increased confidence to reach out to professionals, ask for advice, and build connections

Enroll fall or spring. In person only during the first seven week sessions. Priority given to 2nd-4th year PhD students–ALL DISCIPLINES WELCOME!

Contact gradcareers@cornell.edu for more information.

Spring 2024

  • Held on Thursdays 10:10am-12:10pm in Uris Hall G44 from 1/25-3/14 (no class week of 2/15).
  • See 2024 spring course roster for details.
  • Email gradcareers@cornell.edu for permission code.
  • Due to the highly interactive cohort nature of the class, please plan to attend all sessions in person only.

Class comments from Fall 2023

  • “I learned that there is always room and time for improving/learning new skills and gaining new experiences. It is never too late and you can always focus on different paths and achieve goals of all different kinds. With hard work and determination, you can achieve it. Always try your best and put your best foot forward!”
  • “Career exploration is a fluid and dynamic process. I can change my mind at any point. There is no one right path for anyone. Success can look a million different ways.”
  • “I know now that I need to talk to people to learn about career options. Knowing a lot of people is important to acquire new ideas and identify opportunities. Socializing and networking is important for my career.”
  • “Use doubters and skeptics as motivating factors to prove them that you can do it. Rather then letting the negativity overtake you, it is better to turn that into positive motivation to achieve those goals that people have doubts on.”
  • “(1) There are a lot of people that are willing to help and a lot of resources available (2) Identifying career options has been a process of self-discovery, as well as reaching out to people, since it involves getting over feelings of nervousness, uncertainty and urgency.”
  • “How to describe my research in various ways based on the audience. Also learned that we can’t take our audience’s attention and interest for granted, we need to make whatever we are pitching interesting to them.”
  • “I think one of the most important lessons is to be confident in conveying message and not always complying with staying quiet. I had a tendency to be always going with the flow, even when there was clear evidence that it was going to lead me down an unproductive path. Confidence is key!”
  • “Being afraid was a big big problem for me and doing things, talking to people, etc is actually easier than we think it is.”
  • “I especially valued the peer review on everything.”