Ignite Fellow for New Ventures-apply by Feb 28

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Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is inviting applications for the gap funding program Ignite Fellow for New Ventures, a sponsored partnership between candidates and Cornell faculty with the goal of bringing strong startups to market featuring Cornell innovation. The program is open to PhD, soon-to-be PhD, MS, and MBA holders with a science background.

To learn more about the program, goals, key features, support provided to the fellows, application process, and the newly implemented pre-phase to match candidates and faculty-inventors, join one of these info sessions:

Register for Info Session #1: December 14, 2022, at noon
Register for Info Session #2: December 20, 2022, at noon
Register for Info Session #3: January 5, 2023, at noon
Register for Info Session #4 : January 20, 2023 at noon

The program aims to build new solid businesses, grow entrepreneur scientists and engineers, advance technology commercialization, and enrich Cornell’s venture ecosystem by creating high-value startup companies based on the partnerships of an Ignite candidate and faculty inventor.

CTL seeks candidates who dream big and take risks, want to become a CEO, CSO, or CTO founder, and want to take their entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

Applications are being accepted through February 28, 2023.