Intellectual Property series to learn about patent law

Register by Feb. 20 for Finnegan’s #IPUniversity, a four-week free virtual series introducing undergraduate and graduate students to exciting career opportunities in #IP and #Patent law. Calling all #STEM students!

Shared by Jin Liang, Cornell postdoctoral alumna and former Careers Beyond Academia Advisory Board Member who now works as a Technical Specialist at Finnegan: Apply by February 20!

To start the program, Scott Burwell, Jeffrey Jacobstein, Esther Lim, and Anand K. Sharma will host Careers in IP Law: A World of Possibilities.

For the second week of IP University, Rachael Dippold, Ph.D.Luke MacDonaldZan Newkirk, and Amanda Murphy cover the process of claims and drafting claims.

Facilitated by  Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner.