Interested in attending a live recording of a podcast?


Are you interested in attending a live recording of a podcast on campus? The “Immune” team will be here in person to interview an amazing scientist and are in the process of deciding whether to do this in an office or open it up to a live recording with an audience. While the team will interview an immunologist, they will cover their journey through science and make the actual research accessible to a broad audience. Moreover, if you are interested in science communication or podcasting, this is a wonderful opportunity to see how things work.

If you have any interest in attending this live recording, which would be 1-2 hours some time on the afternoon of September 11th or some time on September 12th,  please respond to This is not a commitment, but planners want to determine interest and if it is worth trying to plan a live event with an audience.

If you want to know more about the podcast, and the other podcasts in the family, please visit .