Learn about Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery

Enhance your understanding of drug discovery and build a new career skill in this online course. Register by September 29 at 8pm.

The New York Academy of Sciences presents Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery. This 5-week online course, conducted by Schrödinger LLC, that explains how industry-leading computational molecular modeling tools are used to aid in drug discovery and design. This course uses active learning strategies and multiple types of content to teach you the practical applications of computational modeling. You’ll have the chance to apply the concepts you’ve learned to a VEGFR2 case study in new cancer treatments using cutting-edge technology.

Broken up into 7 modules, this course is entirely self-paced. It will take approximately 25 hours for someone new to computational modeling to complete (actual time may vary depending on experience). The modules can be done on your own schedule. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a “Schrödinger: Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery” badge to use on your LinkedIn profile and other social media networks.