McGovern Center Internship Projects

The McGovern Center, the life science startup incubator on campus, has multiple client projects that would benefit from the help of Cornell students. The projects typically involve business strategy and planning, customer discovery etc. and can be done virtually. Students can apply their knowledge from class, get first-hand experience working with a startup, and help move great technologies towards greater impact. We can organize the project as an independent study to recognize the students’ efforts.

Below is a list of our current client projects and we may have a couple more to confirm. If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact Ying Yang is the Assistant Director of The Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences at Cornell University, and can also be reached by phone at 607-255-9363.

Ascribe Bioscience is developing next generation biological crop protection products based on signaling molecules from the soil microbiome.
PROJECT: Looking for a passionate student to work with Ascribe’s team to gain insight into the commercial landscape of the sprout industry surrounding the innovation, analyze pain points, and commercial feasibility of the product, and then use this information to compose succinct commercialization and go-to-market plan.

Inso Bio is an early-stage biotech startup developing platform tools for biological sample preparation.
PROJECT: Looking for help to size potential markets via a deep-analysis and build a revenue model to reach the revenue aspiration.

Ionica Sciences has developed a new technology platform to meet urgent needs for clinical diagnostics such as Lyme disease, COVID, mosquito-borne diseases and STIs.
PROJECT: Looking for help with the commercialization section in SBIR Phase II proposal on a business case of a panel of tests for 5 or 6 tick-borne diseases.

VitaScan makes simple and powerful point-of-care tests. The first test catches iron deficiency in children so they can develop to their full potential.
PROJECT: VitaScan is developing the market strategy for a new iron deficiency diagnostic tool for preterm and neonatal care. This project will involve market research to understand the standards of care, trends in research and practice, and other metrics to validate if there is a rising “wave” of recognition of the issue of iron deficiency in pediatrics.

Zealous Research is developing a microfluidic chip-based platform for unprecedented control over the processes to improve the fertilization rate of IVF and ICSI.
PROJECT: Looking for help to conduct a statistical analysis to obtain quantitative assessments to prove our device yields high fertilization rates compared to traditional IVF and ICSI and to detail each segment’s outcomes (sperm selection, sperm capacitation, egg denudation, and egg fertilization).

Zymtronix is a biotechnology company that engineers cellular and biomolecular processes outside of the cell to develop solutions for a variety of markets.
PROJECT: Identify potential new ingredients that Zymtronix should develop, produce and commercialize using its proprietary biomanufacturing platform to increase the innovation pipeline for the company.