Need help developing a public health communication project?

The teaching team for VTPEH 6184 (Public Health Communication), is requesting partners apply by August 1st to have their public health communication project selected for inclusion in the Fall 2023 course.  See link to apply below.

Why work with a student on a public health communication product?

  • These student/partner projects give 2nd year MPH students the opportunity to apply their skills to a real-world, communication-focused public health problem with a project partner.
  • Project partners, if selected,  get the support of masters-level students who are being trained in best practices for strategic public health communication as part of an engaged course at Cornell University.
  • The products can help advance materials that can be put into use right away OR provide creative options for further brainstorming development.
  • There is no cost to the partner for this support other than the time to meet with the student periodically during the fall term.

What are some communication product options?

  • Past projects have included comics, curricula, facilitation guides, website, podcasts, animations, short videos, children’s books, games, youth activities, trainings, scripts, yard signs, door hangers, material for a medical practice, continuing medical education, workshop guides, audience analyses.
  • Students can also revise existing materials by revising it to better match the audience in terms of literacy and cultural considerations.
  • If the ideal means of communicating with your specific audience is not yet clear, students can help partners brainstorm what an appropriate product would be for the given audience.

How does this partnership work? 

  1. Structure of partnership: 
  • Students are responsible for managing partnership, establishing expectations, and product creation.
  • Partner needs to be available to have consults with the student 4-5x during fall term and provide necessary material based on mutually agreed upon timelines, in line with course deadlines.
  • Partners agree to have brief check ins (5 minute phone calls, brief email) with partnership manager, about 3x during fall
  • Teaching team mentors will advise the student via the proposal (created with partner), workshops and final evaluation.
  1. These public health communication projects must:
  • be for a specific audience
  • address a specific public health goal or problem
  • be clearly defined
  • use best practices from the course (i.e., theories on behavior change, design strategy, literacy considerations, reaching the audience)
  • be doable in about 10 weeks
  1. Timeline: 
  • Partner submits project ideas by August 1st
  • If selected, student starts project by mid-September 2023
  • Student completes project early December 2023 (not earlier)

For more information, review the project overview.

Apply here: