Research funding opportunity – Atkinson

Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

If your future career will require grant writing skills or persuasive writing to get others to follow your ideas, this opportunity is a great experience to show evidence you have these skills. The funding can also serve to advance your research efforts and align them more with your desire to have a broader impact towards solving the world’s most pressing issues. Apply before November 7 to Cornell Atkinson.

The Graduate Research Grants provide direct funding to students in any doctoral graduate field (or terminal degrees in fields that do not offer the Ph.D.) in support of innovative research that aligns with Cornell Atkinson’s four priority areas: Accelerating Energy Transitions, Advancing One Health, Increasing Food Security, and Reducing Climate Risk.

The Sustainable Biodiversity Fund supports research on the Earth’s biodiversity, which is critical for preserving global ecosystem services and protecting 4 billion years of irreplaceable evolutionary history. The fund supports graduate students, professional students, and postdoctoral applicants from all disciplines for projects related to biodiversity research.

Applications for both programs are due Nov. 7, 2022.