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Want to add to your portfolio to demonstrate your writing/art skills for various audiences? Are you passionate about how to diversify and communicate science in an inclusive and engaging way? The next issue (12)  of Consilience will feature poetry and art that explores the scientific topic of ‘Struggle’.

Submit your work: All submissions are completely free and include support from the editors and reviewers throughout the whole process. Each issue of Consilience is completely FREE to read and is put together by 90 volunteers from 6 continents, all of whom are passionate about how poetry and art can be used to diversify and communicate science in an inclusive and engaging way.

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Shared through the PCST network by:

Dr. Sam Illingworth (He/him/his)
Associate Professor, Department of Learning & Teaching Enhancement
Edinburgh Napier University

Upcoming issues:

The theme for Issue 13 is ‘Symbiosis’ and submissions will open on Monday 3rd April 2023.

The theme for Issue 14 is ‘Structure’ and submissions will open on Monday 3rd July 2023.

Only the first 20 poems received for any one issue can be accepted, operating on a first-come-first-served basis, and one poem per person per 4 issues of the journal.

Poems and artwork in all languages are welcome. The editors can facilitate a review process if it is in a language that is spoken by one of the team (ASL, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish). If you have a piece that is not in one of these languages then please get in touch to work something out.

How the peer review system works at Consilience

After you have submitted your poem or artwork, it will be sent to two independent Reviewers who will give their feedback, passing this on to an Editor who will then work with you in developing your poem or artwork for publication. This might involve re-working some elements, or it might be as simple as saying “Keep everything exactly as it is!” Rest assured that they will work with you in a dialogue and that nothing will be published without your consent. They aim to respond to all submissions within two weeks.