Write a Researcher – STEM Outreach Program

hands typing on a laptop computer keyboard. A notepad and coffee cup sit nearby

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow and are interested in being a mentor and supporting the next generation of scientists, please sign up for Write a Researcher by October 18.

Write a Researcher matches current Cornell scientists in STEM fields with high school students from around the world to write pen pal letters throughout the year in order to show students what a scientific career looks like. This program is completely free to participants and all supplies (envelopes, stamps, etc.) are supplied by Cornell. Additionally, participating high school students of any grade level will have their undergraduate application fee to Cornell University ($80) waived when and if they decide to apply to any Cornell undergraduate program. This is a fantastic opportunity to prepare students for college and beyond!

Last year, Write a Researcher supported 300 participants from across North America, exchanged 500 letters over the course of the academic year, and potentially saved high school participants ~$13,000 in Cornell undergraduate application fees. Cornell participants undergo background checks and training to protect minors and all high school participants must return a signed permission slip in order to participate.

Please visit the Write a Researcher website if you’d like to learn more about the program and its impact.

Shared by Anthony Bui, President, Write a Researcher, Cornell University