NSF’s new mentoring requirements

The National Science Foundation has new graduate student mentoring requirements for grants submitted on or after May 22, 2024. A recent recorded webinar presentation from NSF leadership, graduate deans and senior research administrators highlighted the new requirements and the resources currently available to help PIs become more effective mentors. Featured speakers:

  • Sylvia Butterfield, Deputy Assistant Director, Directorate for STEM Education (EDU), National Science Foundation
  • Daniel Denecke, Program Director, National Science Foundation
  • Ellen Fisher, Vice President for Research, University of New Mexico
  • Debra Jackson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Academic Programs, California State University, Bakersfield
  • Mike Solomon, Dean, Graduate Studies and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Michigan

On June 18 at 2:00-3:30pm ET a second Faculty/ PI Workshop: How NSF’s New Mentoring Requirements Can Improve Your Research Agenda, NSF leaders begin the event with information about the new requirements, which apply to any grant that provides support to graduate students. Next, disciplinary society leaders and faculty with distinguished records as researchers and mentors offer strategies and examples for improving both mentoring and research outcomes. Featured speakers:

  • Jacqueline Huntoon, Division Director, Division of Graduate Education, National Science Foundation
  • Daniel Denecke, Lead Program Director, Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Program, National Science Foundation
  • Corrie Kuniyoshi, Senior Portfolio Manager, Student Experiences Office, American Chemical Society and PI of NSF IGE grant, Impact Indicators and Instruments for Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Adam Matzgar, Charles G. Overberger Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Macromolecular Science & Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Ricardo Cortez, Pendergraft William Larkin Duren Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Tulane University
  • Ruth Varner, Professor, Earth Science, University of New Hampshire

This webinar is tailored specifically to faculty and other researchers on NSF grants, and provides more detailed information about the requirement and resources for mentoring graduate students. Participants will also receive an FAQ document that provides answers to questions raised in the first workshop and a curated list of resources on mentoring. The workshop is free of charge.