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Frank He

Spotlight on Frank He

Two years of intensive research at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have only strengthened his resolution for understanding the process of cancer metastasis. As a scientist, Frank He has dedicated much of his time to studying cancer; currently, he’s focusing on the physical properties of tissue mineralization and how they contribute to metastasis. Frank He’s work in cancer started early as an undergraduate, performing research at the Broad Institute.

An accomplished researcher, he has also found balance as a student by getting involved as the social media manager of the Big Red Barn and even as a swing dancer. Always on the look out for better ways to “accomplish the objective”, his goals after graduation include looking for a postdoctoral position in a cancer laboratory.

At the time of writing, Frank He was a fifth year student in the Claudia Fischbach-Teschl laboratory.  After a productive postdoc at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Frank transitioned to become a Senior Application Specialist in 3D Histology and Imaging Solutions at LifeCanvas Technologies, Inc., a company started by researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are developing and commercializing breakthrough tools that enable three-dimensional investigation of a tissue’s molecular and structural information through rapid clearing and immunostaining while preserving key tissue architecture, subcellular details, and long-range connections. According to their website, their mission is to fast-track advancements in life sciences to improve human health.

by Victor Aguilar

This spotlight is from the time period of the NIH grant (Sept. 2013- Jun. 2019) to the Cornell BEST Program. The program is now called Careers Beyond Academia, a university-wide initiative that encompasses all disciplines, housed in the Graduate School.