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Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) Office hours

404A Weill Hall 237 Tower Rd, Ithaca, NY, United States

Do you have questions about the intellectual property associated with your science? Do you need guidance on what steps to take to protect your idea? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you: Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) Office Hours at Weill Hall Location: Weill Hall 404A (within McGovern Center on 4th floor of…

Understanding the Technology Transfer Process

Zoom NY, United States

Center for Technology Licensing (CTL)  IP Series #1 For this first of the season series, the CTL team will present the technology transfer process at Cornell and will outline: The groups at CTL (Ithaca and Weill Cornell in NYC) and the services offered to the research community, University Technology Transfer – Bayh-Dole Act, Patent Law…

Pitching 101: How to Present Your Startups and Technology Innovation to Potential Funders

Zoom NY, United States

Pitching an early-stage science- and technology-based startup to potential funders can be intimidating. Learning how to tailor your presentation and understanding what motivates funders to say yes, or at least not give you an outright no, are important aspects of preparing for your initial pitch. This talk is structured around Osage University Partners’ many years…

Imposter Syndrome, Overwhelm, and Getting Unstuck


The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is delighted to begin this year’s Women Innovator Initiative (WI2) programming with this webinar from Vanessa Hagerbaumer, CEO of V & CO Coaching & Consulting LLC. Learn about what Imposter Syndrome is and why it’s so prevalent. Gain insight into why it might be happening to you, as illustrated…

CTL IP Series: Software & Copyright

Zoom NY, United States

Experts from Ryan, Mason & Lewis, LLP will delve into the definitions and practical case studies of legal challenges and infringements as well as the impact of some cases on the sector (e.g., Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l). Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into how CTL works with IP firms…

CTL IP Series: Understanding the Technology Transfer Process


The Center for Technology Licensing Intellectual Property (IP) series features guest speakers who will provide an overview of the different types for IP, updates on the latest changes in the IP landscape, and impact on strategies for protecting Cornell IP. For the first IP Series of the season, the Center for Technology Licensing team will…