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Pathways to Success Symposium: Getting Your Foot in the Door

Getting Your Foot in the Door Presented by Careers Beyond Academia Join us for a panel discussion with alumni and other professionals who will share how they got their foot in the door to explore unexpected pathways for their career success. This discussion will also include an exploration of some of the key resources, strategies,…

Executive Presence in a Virtual World

Zoom NY, United States

Pathways to Success Summer Symposium - Part I Session Summary: Virtual meetings are here to stay.  How do you put your best foot forward when you are presented to others in a 1” x 1” Zoom frame?  Learn how what you say and how you say it can impact your ability to be seen as a…

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity as Critical Assets

Pathways to Success Summer Symposium - Part II Jonathan Rosa With a large proportion of Cornell’s postdoctoral and graduate student body hailing from other nations, it’s important to embrace the assets that this linguistic and cultural diversity brings to our campus community. Join speaker Jonathan Rosa, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University at…

Difficult Conversations, Conflict and Feedback


Faculty, academic staff, postdocs, and graduate students are encouraged to participate in this workshop, led by Dr. Sharon Milgram, Director, Office of Intramural Training and Education at NIH. She believes that having both mentors and mentees present at the workshop will lead to a more helpful and productive discussion. Dr. Milgram lectures widely on science…