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Academic Job Search – Evaluating Positions and Negotiating Offers


So you've got the job offer! Now, what do you do? In this workshop, learn what you should consider when beginning negotiations. Also, learn what you can and cannot negotiate and hear strategies for clearly articulating your wants and needs. This session will be available by webinar (live and archive from this same link) https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/301564559104110348…

Job Search Strategies (Non-faculty Jobs)


A job search involves more than just applying to job postings. Successful job searches require planning. You will need to complete four key activities: building a productive network, creating resumes that work for you, establishing search strategies for finding jobs, and preparing for a competitive interview. This session examines the job search as a process…

Social Media for Scientists


Social media for scientists: It may seem like all the cool kids are just doing it, but there are data-supported methods for using social media to talk about your research. How can you reach the audience you are looking for? And what platform is best for you to use? We will talk through multiple examples…

Essential Leadership Skills for Scientists


Gain leadership skills as a scientist. We will discuss understanding yourself and how you relate to others. Good communication skills and developing your emotional intelligence. Speaker, Sharon Milgram, PhD, Director, OITE Registration Presented by the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)

CVs, Resumes & Cover Letters: Essential job search documents


This workshop, presented by the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE), will highlight the critical elements and structure of CVs and resumes and cover letters. These important job documents serve as the foundation for all job searches, and knowing how to create them based on the employment sector and published position description is…

Pre-/Post-publication peer review


You do a study, you write up the paper, and then you publish it. That’s it, right? Not so fast: peer review has always been a recurring step in the scientific process, but methods to do so are even more widespread than ever. We will talk about the benefits and challenges of using preprint sites…

Informational Interviews: What? How? Why?


While focusing on networking generally, this workshop will specifically outline steps you can take to begin conducting informational interviews now. These networking conversations can be an effective research tool and often help give you the most current and specific information about a field. Come learn tips on how to get the most out of your informational…

Managing Up to Maximize Mentoring Relationships


This workshop will explore the relationship between trainees and research mentors/supervisors with the goal of providing strategies for improving communication and interpersonal interactions. The workshop will help participants clarify what they need from their supervisors and mentors and how to ensure that they get what they need. Speaker, Sharon Milgram, Director NIH OITE Registration Offered by…

NIH Career Symposium


The 13th annual NIH OITE Career Symposium is still happening, on-line. There will be panels, taped interviews, and Twitter chats focused on a variety of career paths in all sectors. The symposium highlights the diversity of career choices available to your generation of biomedical researchers.  Whether you are a new graduate student, postdoc, or clinical fellow…

Grants administration skills/career info

Virtual Session NY, United States

Are you interested in program management, grants management or academic administration? This no-cost online event might be worth tuning in to learn more about NIH funding processes, policies and careers. Whether you are interested in a career in or beyond academia this is an event not to miss! The National Institutes of Health will host…