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NYAS Career Path Series: Science Public Relations


Are you looking for a career that interfaces science, scientific writing, promotion, and public relations? Public Relations is a great opportunity to work with individuals across a range of industry and provide communication strategies to effectively communicate services and products. The rise in diagnostics, drugs, therapeutics, vaccines, and medical technologies means a greater need for…

NYAS Career Path Series: Intellectual Property & Patent Law


Patent Law is a growing career opportunity for scientists to transition into after obtaining their PhD or after a postdoctoral fellowship and continue to learn the cutting-edge research being developed. As scientific research progresses, the need for scientific input is critical to developing patent applications and supporting the intellectual property needs of scientific organizations and…

NYAS Career Path Series: Consulting


A career in Consulting is a lucrative transition for individuals receiving degrees in STEM. Consulting firms value STEM-trained individuals for their critical thinking skills, and their ability to develop strategies to resolve business problems. Consulting firms vary in size from boutiques that specialize in a particular industry to larger firms that consult on wider range…

NYAS Career Path Series: Data Analysis


Data practitioners are valuable assets to organizations and decision making. Individuals with knowledge in data analytics utilize several technical tools to manage information and develop a succinct story that supports trends and directions for organizations to evolve and grow. A graduate or postdoctoral fellow needs a critical understanding of data management and assessment to pursue…