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Transition to Research Independence: Funding and Grantsmanship


Presented by The New York Academy of Sciences - Science Alliance During this seminar, we will discuss grant writing strategies for the scientific community to have research independence. You will learn about: Types of funding agencies (government and private) Types of private agencies (e.g. voluntary health organizations, professional societies, private foundations) Review criteria for fellowship…

NYAS-Career Paths in Consulting and Beyond

Consulting is a popular career path that's open to individuals with diverse professional degrees and backgrounds—including those with PhDs in STEM. Consulting provides the opportunity to learn about business strategy and operations in the corporate world, and allows you to use the problem-solving skills you learned as a trainee in Academia while you gain project…

NYAS Webinar: Career Paths: What does it take to be a successful Data Scientist?


Data science is the systematic study of data to understand patterns and develop models to predict impacts, outcomes and avenues for growth. How is a global food and beverage company leveraging this skill to advance innovations? Join us for a 60-minute panel discussion with a group of PepsiCo data professionals from R&D, HR and Communications…

NYAS Webinar: Career Paths: Funding & Grantsmanship


The ability to write successful research grants is a skill that needs to be worked on. As university budgets are shrinking and external funding sources are becoming more and more competitive, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and scientists should gain experience in this critical skill of successful grant writing early in their careers by applying…

Career Path Series: Start-Ups

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Recently, there has been a surge in start-up spinoffs from academic institutions, creating opportunities for PhD and postdoc fellows to take their research into the commercial space. This rise of start-ups requires individuals to play multiple roles such as creating the organization (i.e. identifying the employee structure), managing a lab, fundraising, communicating the mission to diverse audiences, creating short-term strategies…

NYAS Career Path Series: Science Policy


Careers in science policy exist in a wide variety of settings including government, international, professional associations, academia, industry, lobbying firms, and law firms. Policy influences our lives across various issues and requires evidence-based, strategic communication, community engagement, and support for decision makers. Science Policy offers graduate & postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to implement their research…

NYAS Career Path Series: Science Public Relations


Are you looking for a career that interfaces science, scientific writing, promotion, and public relations? Public Relations is a great opportunity to work with individuals across a range of industry and provide communication strategies to effectively communicate services and products. The rise in diagnostics, drugs, therapeutics, vaccines, and medical technologies means a greater need for…

NYAS Career Path Series: Intellectual Property & Patent Law


Patent Law is a growing career opportunity for scientists to transition into after obtaining their PhD or after a postdoctoral fellowship and continue to learn the cutting-edge research being developed. As scientific research progresses, the need for scientific input is critical to developing patent applications and supporting the intellectual property needs of scientific organizations and…